Traditional Mexican Salsa & Corn Chips based in Cobourg, Ontario

Hi! I'm Arisbe

I’m the brains behind Mi Cocina. I was born and raised in Mexico, where I studied and worked as a food chemist. Eleven years ago, my family and I decided to make Canada our second home. We left behind family and friends but carried many of our traditions with us. Family gatherings around the kitchen table with heaps of food is one of them. One that I love and want to share with you through my products.

While Mi Cocina started as a project to do while spending time with my family, it grew into cooking lessons, moved on to catering services, and evolved to what it is today – developing my own line of traditional Mexican products with fresh produce from the earth.

Welcome to Mi Cocina – My Kitchen

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Below are a few of our best selling salsas & chips.

A salsa that makes for a smoky-sweet taste explosion.

Thick and crunchy tortilla chips—the perfect vehicle for our salsas!

A salsa that’s tangy, sweet, and spicy. A trifecta of tastiness!

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Latest Recipes

The Tastes of Mexico

I hope you find this collection of recipes delicious and inspiring. My goal is to share traditional and delicious recipes that capture the flavours of Mexico. I’ll aim to post approximately two recipes each month. I hope you enjoy these dishes – I sure do!

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Mi Cocina is an artisanal food manufacturer with a variety of traditional Mexican salsa and corn chips. We’re looking for wholesale partners across Canada to bring my kitchen to communities near you.


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