About our products

Traditional Mexican Salsa & Corn Chips based in Cobourg, Ontario

Salsa might simply mean “sauce” in Spanish but we make salsas that deliver flavour, depth, and poignant heat to any dish you create. We roast our ingredients over an open fire and craft our salsas to highlight the complex flavours of roasted tomatoes, the sweetness of onions, the herbaceousness of fresh chilies, and the deep smokiness of dried ones. 

This is the taste of Mexico. This is Mi Cocina


A salsa that makes for a smoky-sweet taste explosion.

Thick and crunchy tortilla chips—the perfect vehicle for our salsas!

A salsa that’s tangy, sweet, and spicy. A trifecta of tastiness!

Hi! I'm Arisbe

I’m the founder of Mi Cocina. I was born and raised in Mexico where I studied and worked as a food chemist. Twelve years ago, my family made Canada our home. We brought as much of Mexico with us as we could—and that included our traditional cuisine. 

I’m happy to share this line of products—produced with fresh ingredients, traditional techniques, and a dash of my personal flair.